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Tezpur is an important tourist destination situated on the north bank of River Brahamaputra at a distance of 196 km from Guwahati.Tezpur is known for its natural beauty and fascinating archaeological ruins. Undulating green valleys surrounded by the lofty hills and snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, and lush tea gardens render Tezpur a tourist's delight.Tezpur was known as Sonitpur in the olden days and is a city steeped in mythology, legend and folklore.Besides its archaeological significance, it is known for its scenic beauty with the snow capped peaks of the Himalayas and the hills of Arunachal Pradesh in the North.

The name Tezpur is derived from the Sanskrit words 'Teza' (meaning blood) and 'Pura' (meaning town or city). Legend has it that the original name of this place was 'Sonitpur' ("sonit" in sanskrit also means blood!). Tezpur has seen many different spellings over time. They range from Tezpore, Tejpur, Tejpore to Tejpoor although phonetically Tezpur (the current Anglicised spelling) is the nearest match to its roots in the Axomiya (Assamese) language.

Tezpur is a commercial, administrative and educational centre. It is a place of historical importance. Its a small city but truely speaking it shows the world what is the meaning of Pollution free.

Brief History

Tezpur has an ancient history and the remnants of the civilizations of the yester years, when it was known as Sonitpur, are still visible today.It is a very beautiful place and has a long history of romance and wars from the ancient periods.Many old temples and building can be found here in Tezpur.Tezpur or the 'city of blood' reminds one of the romantic legend of Usha and Anirudha. It is said that Aniruddha, grandson of Lord Krishna fell in love with Usha, daughter of Banasura. When the Demon king came to know about the affair he threw Aniruddha into prison. Then Lord Krishna came to this place and a fierce battle ensued in which the whole area was drenched in blood. Hence the name Sonitpur the city of blood emerged. Bana was killed and the lovers were united for ever. The only testimony to this legend are the ruins and remains in and around Tezpur.

Position & Climate

Tezpur is situated in the banks of river Brahmaputra,in Sonitpur district. It is in viewing distance of the foothills of the magnificent Eastern Himalayan Range. The rivers in and around Tezpur are very fast flowing ones specially towards the Himalayas foothills. The town is situated beside the river Brahmaputra and have a number of small hillocks and the problem of flooding during the monsoons doesn't occur.

The city was a favorite amongst British as well for its salubrious climate.

Best time to Travel : October to May
Weather Conditions : Summer: 32.2 °C Winter: 10 °C; Average Rainfall: 160 cms.

Cultural Heritage & Economy

Tezpur was and is always the cultural capital of the Assamese culture.Being from the core Assamese cultural region, the town has produced many stalwarts.Tezpur is a beautiful and multifaceted city steeped in mythology and history.The city abounds in archaeological sites, hills, lakes and gardens.The surrounding tea gardens and agriculture contribute to the local economy. it is a trade centre for tea, rice, and other crops grown in the surrounding agricultural area. There is also some tea processing. Presently Tezpur is a commercial, administrative and educational centre -- apart from housing a major base of the Indian Army and Airforce (Salonibari). The town itself has numerous temples, naamghars and other places of worship. Some of the more famous are Da Parbatiya, Maha Bhairab Mandir, Maithan and Ketakeshwar Dewal. Maha Bhairab Mandir is rumoured to host the second largest natural Shiva Linga in the world!A home for Assamese for long, Tezpur city is the oldest inhabited city of Assam which boasts of people of different origin and culture. Being referred in Indian mythology from the time of Lord Krishna, Tezpur has also gain its importance as a religious site rich in monumental heritage. And this is proved by many old forts and temples that bejewel this fascinating land.In the present age Tezpur can be said to be the cultural hub of Assam.

 Route to Reach

Tezpur is well connected by air,road and rail.

Tezpur has a small airport that receives flights from Jorhat, Kolkata and Guwahati. There are regular flights from Guwahati everyday and there are three flight every week to Kolkata and Jorhat. Indian Airlines is the main flight operator to Tezpur.
Daily flights to Guwahati from Kolkata and New Delhi.

Tezpur is an important railhead in Assam. Tezpur is connected  by metre gauge line to Rangia Junction via Rangapara Junction. 
There are many trains from Guwahati which is the nearest station. The distance between the two cities is nearly 180 Km and it takes slightly less than 4 hrs to reach.

Tezpur is around 180 km from the capital city of Guwahati and there is frequent to and fro bus service from Guwahati. Both state run and private buses ply on the route. Good network connects it to other cities and towns as well.

There are two routes from Guwahati to reach Tezpur.

1.One is through Nagaon.This route is through Jagiroad,Roha and you'll be touchi ng Meghalaya border.
Distance : 198 kms

2.The Other one is through Mangaldai,Orang,Kharupetia,Dekhiajali.
Distance : 181 kms

Taxis  are available at Guwahati to reach Tezpur .Direct Bus services from Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Sibsagar, Jorhat, Itanagar, Dimapur and Siliguri to Tezpur also exist.

Buses are the main mode of transportation inside the city. Though the most comfortable way of commuting is by hiring a taxi. You will also find auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws. From Tezpur tourist vehicles are available for hire for all nearby destinations .

Tea Gardens

Assam has always been famous for its tea and tea gardens, and Tezpur is the best place to spend some quality time there as it is completely surrounded by Tea Gardens.Sonitpur district has 73 tea gardens including Asia’s biggest tea garden, Monabari . A visit to a tea garden provides insight not only into tea making and the unique culture associated with it but also gives the flavour of bygone era of the Raj.

People and Education

The population is largely of heterogeneous nature. Assamese, Bengali (mainly migrants from West Bengal and Bangladesh), Nepali, Bihari, Marwari communities form the majority. Tezpur has drawn people from diverse cultures and races in different points of time. They are the colorful people, weaving fairy tales in dresses, singing and dancing in clouds and sunshine of pastoral life, creating art out of life adding color to itself. The nearest civilian airport is Saloni -- 8 km from the heart of the city.

Tezpur University is the first university in India to offer the course Master of Technology in Computational Seismology and also one of the few universities in India to have its own Department of Energy. The Department of Electronics at Tezpur University is the first of its kind in India to introduce an interdisciplinary Master of Technology program in Bioelectronics. Tezpur also has many school, colleges of very high repute. Darrang college, Tezpur College are the leading colleges.

Fairs & Festivals

Sonitpur, like the rest of the nation, saw the amalgamation of different cultures of different peoples at different times.The people of Tezpur celebrate Bihu, Durga Puja, Idd, Christmas, Bathou Puja, Chat Puja etc. like other people of Assam.The following festivals are unique to Gabharu Block as well as Sonitpur  district -

Bare Shaharia Bhaona

Generally the term Bhaona in Assamese means a cultural activity involving dramas, depicting the various stories taken from the epics. These dramas were mostly written by Sankardeva and MadhabdevaBare Shaharia Bhaona  of  DAPARBATIYA (6 kms from Tezpur) is a unique form of Bhaona. Twelve or more  Bhaonas  are performed simultaneously in different stages built on a single platform. 

Sivaratri Fair

It is held at Mahabhairab Temple (Tezpur).

Tourist Spots in Tezpur

Tezpur can be reached very easily from any part of India. There are numerous interesting destinations in & around Tezpur, which fascinates every traveler to Assam in North East India. Tezpur is picturesque town that has some wonderful temples, parks and monuments to visit. More than tourists, Tezpur is visited more by pilgrims.

Cole Park
It is, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful places in Tezpur. Established by a British Deputy Commissioner, Mr. Cole, the park has two massive ornamented stone pillars, and the sculptural remnants of the famous Bamuni Hills.
Orang Wildlife Sanctuary
This sanctuary sprawled over an area of 72 sq. km, is only 65 km from Tezpur. The animals which this area includes, are the one-horned rhinoceros, buffalo, leopard, sambhar, barking deer and tiger.
Bhalukpung,60 km from Tezpur,on the road to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, is a charming picnic and angling spot. Other attractions of Bhalukpung are a hot spring and a huge orchid garden. A few kilometers further into Arunachal Pradesh from here, brings one to Tipi, where Asia's third largest orchidarium has been set up
This is the site of the legendary romance of princess Usha (the only daughter of king Bana) and Anirudha. Usha was imprisoned inside the palace which was surrounded by a wall of fire. The present day Agnigarh, now only a hillock facing the Brahmaputra, provides a panoramic view of the great river and Tezpur.
Bamuni Hills
The ruins of Bamuni Hills are famous for their exemplary artistic finesse. The sculptural remains date back to the ninth and tenth century A.D. The Bhairavi and Mahabhairab (where king Bana worshipped Mahabhairab, an incarnation of Shiva) temples and the twin tanks of Bar Pukhuri and Padum Pukhuri are the other architectural attractions of Tezpur.
The Hazara Pukhuri
It is a large tank which preserves the name of Hazara Varman in Tezpur. It was excavated in the early part of the 19th century. This is the third largest tank in the area sprawled over 70 acres.
Nameri National Park
Near the Jia Bhoroli river, the Nameri National Park spreads over from Assam to Aruachal Pradesh. As in Kaziranga, the best way to travel within the Park is atop elephants. There are no roads inside the park. The park is home to the Mithun or Indian bison and the rare White Winged Wood Duck, among the most endangered avian species in the world.

Tezpur is just 180 km from Guwahati, the commercial capital of Assam. Guwahati is well connected to all of India.
One can also visit the nearby town and cities like - Barpeta Rd. 50 km, Itanagar 212 km, Bamdila 160 km, Tawang 300 km, which have many interesting things to see.From Tezpur Tawang (12 Hrs) / Bomdila (5 Hrs) / Kaziranga National Park (40km) / Orang National Park (30 km) are very easily accessible.

  • PAKKE (a Tiger sanctuary) & EAGLENEST (a birding point) are also nearby.
  • Moreover the Bharali River is an anglers delight as angling / water rafting are allowed during winter seasons.

    Where to Stay

Tezpur offers excellent accommodation facilities for its tourist from all over the world. Tezpur has got some nice hotels that are good enough to cater to all your basic needs. There are hotels that provides accommodation to all kinds of travelers. Hotels ranging from star category loaded with all modern facilities to budget lodges that cater to the basic needs with reasonable price.

The important guesthouses are: Tourist Lodge , Circuit House ,Arunachal Govt. Guest House (Parbatiya)

The important hotels are: Hotel Luit, Hotel Parijat, Hotel Durba, Hotel Basant, Hotel Meghdoot, Hotel Blue Star, Hotel Frontier, Hotel Himalaya, Central Lodge,Hati Pilkhana ,hotel indralaya ,hotel swad punjab hotel,tourist lodge,circuit house,arunachal guest house,Hotel Sangam,Hotel Jenneys Residency, Bhairabi Boarding,Hotel Aristo and Hotel Chitra.                                                                  


Tezpur is situated in the banks of river Brahmaputra,in Sonitpur district.Tezpur is a place of historical importance that is gifted both with natural beauty and man made marvels. This helped the city a lot in becoming one of the most developed cities in Assam. There are number of excursion possibilities as well in the city that make it an important tourist destination.Many old temples and building can be found here in Tezpur. The name Tezpur signifies "City Of Blood".

This town is a center of economic improvements in the deeply hypnotic beauty of a rural heritage within Assam.



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