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Regular Mumbai Events ( Date & Description):

1 May
Maharashtra Day:
The day when the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra separated. Celebrations are held mainly at Shivaji Park.

A celebration of the birth of the prophet Muhammad, Id-e-Milad is a Muslim holiday marked by prayer, sweets, exchange of gifts and other festivities.

Raksha Bandhan:
A celebration of love between brothers and sisters, during which siblings offer each other rakhi, special bracelets which symbolize their affection.

15 Aug
Independence Day:
Public holiday. Marks the day in 1947 when India gained independence from Great Britain.

Gokul Ashtami:
Also known as Janmashtami, the occasion is the birthday of Lord Krishna. Children form human pyramids to reach and break pots filled with curd and sweets hung from towers.

Ganesh Chaturthi:
A festival dedicated to Ganesh, the elephant-headed god of wisdom and prosperity. Huge and elaborately ornamented effigies of the god are immersed in the sea at Chowpatty beach. The ritual was originally promoted by freedom fighters to bypass British antiassembly legislation, and it has easily become one of Mumbai's biggest and most dramatic festivals.

This festival celebrates the defeat of the monster king Ravana at the hands of Lord Rama. On the final day, massive replicas of the 10-headed Ravana are set alight and an exuberant melee of festivities commemorates the legend. Mahalaxmi Temple.

2 Oct
Gandhi Jayanti:
Public holiday. Marks the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi.

Known as the "festival of lights," Diwali celebrates the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. One of the biggest festivals in the Hindu calendar, it includes spectacular fireworks, prayers, sweets, gifts, feasting and colorful oil lamps that adorn every household. Diwali also honors Laxmi, the goddess of wealth, and marks the start of the new financial year. Marine Drive, Banganga Tank.

Month-long period of daylight fasting for Muslims. In the evening, food stalls in the Muhammad Ali Road area offer special meats and sweets. Concludes 26 November.

International Film Festival of Mumbai:
Non-competitive festival featuring more than 100 films by international directors. Screenings at the IMAX Multiplex and the Y.B. Chavan Centre. For information, call 22-2413-6571.

25 Dec
Christmas Day:
Public holiday. Events include midnight mass at St. Thomas Cathedral, decorations of giant stars, festive facades and appearances by Santa Claus. Colaba district.

Banganga Festival:
Vocal and instrumental music festival held at the Banganga Tank at Walkeshwar. For information, call 22-2202-4482.

Makara Sankranti:
A celebration of prosperity, mainly among the Gujarati community, when sweets and fruits are exchanged and kites are flown as a sign of happiness.

26 Jan
Republic Day: Public holiday commemorating the day in 1930 when Mahatma Gandhi called upon the Indian people to work for independence from Great Britain.

Beating the Retreat (Navy Day):
The Indian Navy marks the departure of the British from India with a colorful ceremony, parade and fireworks display. Gateway of India. For information, call 22-2203-6713. Fax 22-2201-4496.

Elephanta Festival:
A two-day festival of classical music and dance held on Elephanta Island. For information, call 22-2202-4482.

This day marks the end of the 10-day fast that commemorates the death of Muhammad's grandson, Imam Hussain. Replicas of Hussain's tomb are carried through the city roads to be immersed in the sea, while Shia mourners beat their chests as a symbol of grief for his martyrdom. Along Muhammad Ali Road.

Also known as Rang Panchami, Holi is a colorful Hindu festival celebrating the end of winter and the start of a new farming year. On this day of fun and lighthearted practical jokes, celebrants toss colored powder and water bombs at friends and passersby. Avoid venturing from your hotel before the noon cease-fire.

The Parsi New Year, which coincides with the vernal equinox. Celebrations include prayer at fire temples and feasting with family and friends.

Gudi Padava:
The beginning of the Maharashtrian New Year, the festival is marked by sweets and the erection of colorfully draped bamboo poles, topped by an upturned drinking vessel.

The National Centre for the Performing Arts presents concerts, plays and dance performances year-round. Nariman Point. For information, call 22-2283-3737 or 22-2283-3838. For tickets, call 22-2282-4567.

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